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04 September 2007 @ 02:59 pm
That is right...I now have something to say on Live Journal and it even has a great title!!
For the past five months, I have desired to go to Tijuana, Mexico... the end of March we were at church. I met the thirty-two year old sister of three church ladies. She is single and was getting involved as Orphans for Jesus personnel - going to the La Hacienda Orphanage in Tijuana Mexico (an hour south of San Diego, California). Interestingly enough, in the past couple of months I'd felt strangely an urge to go to Mexico. I had taken a Spanish class in 05-06 and the teacher (a former missionary to the Dominican Republic) had encouraged all the students to someday go to a Spanish speaking culture. What was I supposed to do though with my "urge"? I knew of no missions in Mexico...google the country?
Then I met her. She told me all about the work. The need for workers. She asked me to go with her and two other girls in April. The timing didn't work out then or in July when she made her 2nd trip. But I've been in contact with her, kept up with the work going on at La Hacienda...gotten excited about what's going on...prayed and prayed...asked my parents to pray.
Now, Lord-willing, I'll be flying out on September 11th and will be gone a little over four weeks! I am SO, SO excited!! I can't wait...I've heard so much about the children, how needy they are to simply be loved...I can't wait to see them, hold them and be with them.
Please pray:
1) for safety and protection
2) that the people would see Jesus in us -- that we would be His hands, His feet, His heart, His touch...
3) that God would provide all of our needs physically, spiritually, emotionally...
4) that we would be able to get a lot of work done -- the orphanage needs a lot of work done to it!
5) that we would go with the joy of the Lord as our strength

Here is a little announcement... Unfortunately the picture isn't working. :(
Pray for Renee… as she heads to Mexico!

 “He is no fool…who gives what he
cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose.” - Jim Elliot

I am absolutely thrilled with the prospects of service, adventure and ministry that await as I prepare to leave shortly, for a four-week trip to serve at the La Hacienda Orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico. I’ll be leaving September 11th and returning back October 9th. Pray for me as I go and join three other girls, Carolyn, Lill and Deb, who are serving alongside the workers and ministering to the children.
Soon before the details fell into place and I found myself locked into an airplane ticket and destined to go, I found this quote in a book I was reading with my devotions… “A lovely sense of what it meant to be buried with Christ - not only dead, but buried, put to silence in the grave, the “I can’t” and the “I can” put to silence side by side in the stillness of a grave beside Him, with God’s seal on the stone and His watch set that nothing but the risen life of Jesus may come forth.” (Lilias Trotter, missionary to Albania)
It is my desire as I leave the States for this next month…that my life and the work I do would point only to Christ; that He and He alone would come forth. On August 9th, I wrote this prayer in my journal and it is my heart as I go forward to serve in Mexico. “Father I dream, but let my vision be for you…A jewel in my heart, Lord may you shine from deep within, without upon my face, may you be evident. I open up my hands to honor You; I ask that You would guide - My movements - be to your honor. God take my heart, O Father let it be… A song of worship written by your hand, may my thoughts glorify, Your worthy name and my soul be Your everlasting praise. Amen.”
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Hello again, so I am back a little bit...! How wonderful. (You all clap and cheer in admiration of a broken record.)
I don't know why I'm posting. I have nothing intelligent to say. There is something very bewitching about Live Journal though. When you get a notion in your head to post, it will bother you till you accomplish it. So here I am setting out to conquer a bewitching notion.

Currently doing: responding to e-mails in four different accounts
Looking ahead in the day: freeze broccoli, receive our overnight guests
Looking behind: 2 previous days of company...one family on Saturday, 2 families yesterday...
Looking into the week: a wknd. trip to Vermont starting Friday morning and returning late Sunday night...

Life is fast. Basically tomorrow after our company leaves we have three days to pack for our trip, teach three Spanish lessons, weed the gardens, and get some bookwork done for my bookstore that needs to be done. I expected our company sooner today, but they aren't here yet. I think they will arrive shortly though, so I should get off my rumpus and go get to it... there is stuff I really must accomplish before they get here.
So what am I doing on LJ? Come now - no intelligent reply?
I am conquering a bewitching notion.

This post is not proof of stupidity, do not be fooled. I am simply brutally honest and candid. Don't mistake the two.
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16 December 2006 @ 03:30 pm
I wasn't quite sure what I should type in as a subject. I knew it should be something about the fact that I haven't typed anything on LJ for almost two months (gasp), but wasn't sure what...and well, what I do have written, I don't know as it fits, because I have very few friends (at least that I've found) that do LJ, so how long-awaited this was, I'm not terribly certain. But maybe surfers will find it interesting all the same, or maybe my few and far between LJ friends, will all cheer and stop condemning my lack of presence in their Internet lives (I was trying to help them cut down on computer time...they knew that deep inside that was the reason and that's why they were/are annoyed)...
Life has been busy and full...but to be honest, it really hasn't been the reason I haven't been on LJ much. The reason is that unlike xanga which sends all of my subscriptions (to my friends blogs) right to e-mail, which reminds me to update and makes it easy to post on their blogs, LJ doesn't have that nifty feature, which means I simply forget I have an LJ, or when I do remember, I really do not have any time to blow...so, there you have it. The paragraphic excuse why Renee Pratt hasn't been featuring the Interent lives of friends using the LJ commodity.
Hopefully this post will make up for my absence, set you all at ease as to my mental condition and recent whereabouts, satisfy your disgustingly nosy curiosity...and put me off the hook for another two months. (yeah right,,,like I'll get a way with that, while Rebecca Galla is an LJ girl...)
Yes, so I started a courtship!!! It has been so exciting to watch God knit our lives together...as we share, talk, laugh and experience life together. It is a beautiful, beautiful time...a season I hope I am cherishing and treasuring as much as I am telling myself that I am. It seems to me that we never truly cherish our moments that we live, as much as we should...because we always look back and find something in at least one time or another that we wish we could have changed or done differently, or simply eradicated for it's quality of embarrassment. I recently had one such moment when I was talking on the phone with my boyfriend, Mike. He was teasing me, but it was a subtle tease and I was tired and therefore, kind of fell for it... I said, "Okay..." and he just started chuckling and laughing like anything. Then I realized what I'd said, which was terribly simple :)- and I said... "Well, what can I say, you married a blonde!" At this point in our conversation, I wanted to just hang-up. We aren't even engaged, not to mention MARRIED! What was I thinking? Well, that's the problem...I wasn't thinking. He thought it was very cute. Sigh. :)
He was just visiting last weekend...it was so short a time. It took forever to actually arrive, and now it's gone, filed away in memory and pictures (we did remember pictures, everyone!!)...
This month my sister Sarah and her two children, James (2) and Mattie (8 months) have been visiting! They arrived on December 6th and will leave for Colorado tomorrow morning. We are all getting up early and driving to Boston. Yay, yay...First of all, I hate getting up as early as we're going too...second of all, I hate good-byes...third of all, I really dislike Boston traffic, fourth of all, I hate good-byes... especially when it is my sister, nephew and neice...
Actually, you could pray for James if you think of it. Something is wrong with his leg, he woke up limping this morning and it has been getting progressively worse. Mom and Sarah just left to take him to the ER, because it's rather disconcerting and the poor little guy is hurting... Pray for this situation, please! Rather sad way to end a vacation...especially since it will mean Sarah will be traveling home alone with two little people and that stress will be so compounded if James does have something seriously wrong with his leg.
Merry Christmas you all!!!
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19 October 2006 @ 02:53 pm
My dear friends... can you not imagine what I am about to share? If you have taken the time to visit my xanga blog you probably know...or maybe somehow you have already heard... I cannot believe what has happened to me! I am so happy...so full...so excited...! It is all more than I could EVER have imagined was possible. God is so good to His children. He has blessed me far beyond my greatest expectations and wildest dreams. It is all so much more beautiful than I ever thought...
If you really want the grand details (time won't permit me to write it all out here, but I did want to share something) you can visit my xanga and read the last 3 posts... But, someone very, very special talked to my Dad last Tuesday evening...and my Dad responded in the affirmative... and then...on Monday night of this week the same very special person called me and asked me!!! I cannot believe it all...I am in the clouds...way above... His name is Michael Lapp and he is the most amazing guy I have ever known!!! I am so, so happy... I could sing and dance and scream...but somehow I can't...I just hold it all in my heart and it is a feeling of just bursting with joy. Please pray for us as we step into this new season together...
Love to you all...
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02 October 2006 @ 12:11 pm
I got a letter from a friend today...well actually, get this, I got three letters and two of them were from people I REALLY wanted to get letters from!! I just love getting mail (it's kind of like getting comments...and yes that is a hint). Well my friend said something about love...and I got to thinking...is love really something you feel? Isn't the fluttery heartbeat? Is it the sigh? Is it found as you experience a terribly romantic moment? When you say "I love you"....what are you saying? "I love you" just happen to be three words that are associated with an abstract noun associated with a relationship (specifically romantic) between two people... How can one define this noun, which somehow so easily can steal into hearts and softly grow? Besides how I just rotely and meanly described it. You might think I am not romantic and while I make no claims as being as romantic as Rachel Rowland... (come dear that is a compliment!), I think I am a romantic... just ask my sister who knows the ins and outs of my "love life"... ahem. (Oh and Rebecca Galla might have something to contribute in that respect...)
At any rate...what IS love? I think it would almost be interesting to hear the guys speak out on this one...defined in their terms, in their way, in their opinion...but alas I have no guy subscribers to Live Journal...so ladies, speak out...
Oh and as a postscript....my birtdhay started early this year thanks to dear Rachel Rowland!! She, dear girl that she is, blessed me with an Emma DVD and the Josh Groban "Closer" CD... ahhhhh...maybe this is why I am speaking of love.... :)(And any JG fans will see the line I have used in this paragraph as being a line from one of Joshie's songs... can you find it?)
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28 September 2006 @ 06:52 pm
The grace of God extends further than we can ever think or imagine...it reaches farther than we can imagine. Haven't we all been at a place in our lives where we thought it was impossible for God to love us as infinitely as He promises? His love is so much greater and wider than our problems, our struggles and our hurts. Right when it seems that the "end" has come and there is no way out, we are blinded from the light that is shed upon our way and lifted by wings that soar higher than the biggest mountain... This is our God...
The past 2 days of my life have been much like the ride of a rollercoaster - conflicting emotional spins and jolts and freefalls. But God is there...I know it even when I cannot feel it or sense it... He is always there, holding me in my seat...keeping me from doing something stupid...
Yes, well...why do we balk sometimes at common sense? I suppose it is simply because we are either too proud or at the moment too emotional to be rational. That was my problem this morning...I was definately a wreck and didn't think anyone was understanding me. I think they all were, just not in the way I desired, which would have been a farce... hm...
Never be too proud to admit that you are wrong...never be too scared to step-out on faith...and never EVER be too stupid to trust God. He is worthy!
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28 September 2006 @ 04:02 pm
Okay...I am sick of blogthings...sick of them! (The past 2 days I have had a short fuse so if this sounds dramatic, get over it!)
To start out with, no the answers on that extrovertist thing I posted are not right. When I am on the blogthings site it tells me my answers are Very High or High, not very low, when I posted that it came up as that...go figure... I redid the quiz and tried to post it again (hence the last post which is absolutely blank) and nothing came up, showed up or posted... I think I am absolutely a dunce at this Live Journal thing... But anyways...just to set the record straight with ya'll... I am a "meeting people, going places, have a great time, making memories, taking lotsa pictures, friends old and new, lover of excitement person"...right Rebecca, Rachel? :) Ah well,,,I think I have decompressed myself and can no sign off very happily to have set the record straight and decided firmly to never try n' post a blogthing on xanga. Goodness, what must people think of me?
I don't really care... by the way...is it just my puter or is posting a picture on here a royal pain? Just tried and it didn't work... goodness, I need to go before something else finds a way to frustrate me. :)
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28 September 2006 @ 03:56 pm
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27 September 2006 @ 01:48 pm
Your Extroversion Profile:
Activity Level: Very Low
Assertiveness: Very Low
Cheerfulness: Very Low
Excitement Seeking: Very Low
Friendliness: Very Low
Sociability: Very Low
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26 September 2006 @ 10:44 am
Well I have been working on some writing and found this ole' thing of mine I never posted to xanga...written waay earlier this year...please be sure and comment on it and what your thoughts are...and guess what? Just figured out how to copy and paste! Hurray for me...!!! [you all applaud dutifully]Ok, here's the thoughts:

well…after an amazing bomb of posts and props…and then some silence…here I am again. I just got done reading an article a friend of mine is sending into ’brio’ magazine…waay different audience there then she normally writes too! Anyways…she was sending it onto the writing guild I’m a part of for critiquing…couldn’t spend anytime in the critiquing department today… because her message was too relevant to me and different thoughts I’ve been working through.
Is it just me…or do you ever get sick of process too? Now, it’s really a paradox because process is what brings us out from the storm clouds and into the sun, yet it can be so repulsive…at least so I think. Probably because I want to know…(like right now!) what the outcome is going to be and I hate not-knowing because…that puts me at a disadvantage. I used to love mysteries…sorry, maybe this is disgustingly unadventurous, but I’ve graduated! And am now convinced that life would be so beautiful without all the mystery… (props to that?? Or am I out-to-lunch…anyways, I know in a week I’ll come back and say that I’m “embracing the mystery”…so I guess I should really say… props to contradictions!) at this point in my life…there are so many questions that are left to being answered…so many things to discover…so many opportunities to explore…so many people to meet…so many relationships to pursue? So…how does one know what is right and good and the will of the Father? Please don’t say (you work through it…)……………………..
Anyways, what this girl was writing about was guy-girl relationships…how far do you go with “just being” a guy’s friend? Because how many of us girls can say that we have never felt led on by a guy (don’t be shy…look at how vulnerable I’m being!) so what in the world do you do with that? There has got to be boundaries, otherwise you’ll go anywhere and then you mind as well dance with demons! I wish this stuff was more clear-cut…or either that I wish guys could be a bit more cautious! I think what I can’t stand the most is that one minute you feel like your safely friends and the next minute he’s eyeing you warily like you’ve got cholera! What is with that? Major flip-flops going on and not in the stomach! I realize that may be the desire to be cautious and walk softly, but consider how it also may send mixed messages! I think a lot of it could probably be as well…that some guys haven’t met girls who are willing to just be friends until they pursue them (and then maybe it will be no, you aren’t after all guaranteed anything- or maybe you‘ll never be pursued and then…there will never be consequent confusion, wouldn‘t that be heaven on earth??) so doesn’t this post make sense…or what?!
Anyways… girls who have guy friends and guys who have girl friends,,, that is a beautiful thing, so why ruin it? Or hurt it? If you have an interest proceed secretly and cautiously until you know beyond a shadow of a doubt…and girls… I’ve got plenty to say to you too! Do you know how sick I get when I see you act, dress or behave like your heart is cheap merchandise? Save every bit of that little thing beating in your chest for the one. Don’t throw yourself around…you are a princess. Rise above the patterns of the big scheme down here and stand up and shout uniqueness to the world. And beware…it will elicit scornful, “out-of-the-corner-of-the-eye” looks! And some people will consider you then to be a “stick in the mud”… but someday when you stand at the altar and look into the eyes of your knight and pledge your life, and all your heart, and your soul to him…I think you will love yourself for being a “stick in the mud”! It will be worth it all…so, today, as “guyless” as you may be…you can be a Bride, still! A pure, spotless Bride… and I can hardly blame the guys (as a general whole I am speaking, there are some wonderful gentlemen who walk the earth!!!) if they don’t respect us like they should…do we honor them like we should? Honor their hearts, their souls, their minds, their future wives? Just a thought!!!! Do we hang around married men like we do with unmarried? (By the way unmarried men is pretty much an oxymoron as a whole, because while there is a TINY percentage of men who will not marry, all men are basically married now - though perhaps it is not yet finalized… J most men will someday marry…let’s treat them as if they are married, because chances are they will someday enter the holy state of matrimony - let’s start now and honor their wives and their marriage today.)
So these are thoughts that have been whirling around inside my chest and it’s nice to finally unload. Does Renee score some points for the “archaic board”!!!!!!! (sorry to make you wince)
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